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Synergy Additive Manufacturing, LLC (S.A.M.) is one of the only turnkey jobshops offering metalworking services such as 3D cad design, metal forming, 3D printing, final machining, and heat treating of the finished product. 
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CAGE code   7VM20


Laser Additive Manufacturing (L.A.M.)​

Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing often refers to the process of building structural parts layer by layer following a tool path generated from a 3D CAD file.  Laser Additive Manufacturing utilizes a laser as the energy source to fuse powdered metal into a near net shape part.

Our Capabilities:

3D printing of large complex parts up to 5 ft x 5 ft x 7 ft
Ability to print a variety of materials including mild steel, extremely tough tool steels, nickel based super alloys, Titanium alloys, and many more.
Repair and reclamation capabilities of expensive, worn, metal parts.
Surface re-engineering for quick and cost-effective design changes and R&D applications.
Machining, grinding and QC inspection capabilities, offering a one stop solution.

Laser cladding

Laser cladding can be categorized as a welding process that utilizes a laser as it’s main energy source to deposit metals in order to dimensionally restore or enhance the surface characteristics of the component.  Typical surface enhancement applications involve the addition of a wear resistant and / or corrosion resistant layer on the substrate material.  Compared to similar cladding techniques, laser cladding produces substantially lower heat input to the substrate for minimal distortion and minimal dilution of the coating into the parent metal.

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Our capabilities:

Maximum part diameter: 5.0 ft (1.52 m)
Maximum length: 15 ft ( 4.5 m)
Maximum weight: 15,500 lbs (7000 kg)
Typical applications:

 Laser cladding for wear and corrosion resistance on oil drilling tools, extrusion components, dies,  hydraulic rods etc.
 Dimensional restoration of  machine tool components.

Laser Heat Treatment

Laser Heat Treating of metal surfaces enhance the hardness properties through rapid thermal manipulation. Laser heat treatment has niche applications.  When a laser beam with certain power density is incident on the metal surface, it raises the surface temperature of the metal above the metal’s metallurgical transformation temperature. The thermal mass of the material aids in rapid quenching (by removing the heat via. conduction) resulting in enhanced material hardness. Thus, this process offers precise control of the heat input on the material surface enabling local heat treatment with minimal part distortion and controlled hardness depth.

Our Capabilities:

  Maximum Dimensions  of part: 8 ft (2.4 m) x 8 ft (2.4m)

Typical applications:

Laser Heat Treatment of Tools and Dies
 Laser Welding

We offer welding of a wide variety of sheet metal materials and thicknesses. Laser welding offers excellent weld seam integrity with low distortion. Substantially higher weld speeds can be obtained compared to conventional welding processes.

Industries Served


Our services to Automotive industry include:
Laser heat treatment of tools and dies
Repair of large automotive dies
Hardfacing of forging and shear dies
3D printing of specific components like Exhaust and Intake valves
Sheet metal laser cutting and stamping services
Localized laser heat treatment of stamped parts


Some of the aerospace applications include:
Additive manufacturing / 3D printing of titanium components
Adding bosses and other features on casings
Repair of turbine blades, shafts and casings with minimal to no distortion

 Oil and Gas

Typical oil and gas applications include:
3D printing/Additive Manufacturing of complex parts
Laser hardfacing of drilling components
Dimensional restoration of rotors, pressure housings, casings etc.




Synergy Prototype Stamping Announces the Launch of Synergy Additive Manufacturing (S.A.M.)
As of  January 1st, 2017. 
Clinton Township, MI – Synergy Prototype Stamping, LLC. is excited to announce the launch of Synergy Additive Manufacturing (S.A.M.), a subsidiary of Synergy Prototype Stamping that is now offering large scale industrial 3D metal printing services, laser cladding, laser heat treatment and equipment.

S.A.M. is the result of joint venture collaboration between Synergy Prototype Stamping and a few of the most knowledgeable minds in metal additive manufacturing.

“We are excited to finally bring affordable 3D printing manufacturing and repair capabilities to Michigan. The number of applications for this technology is endless. I’m confident that all local industrial companies will find a way to utilize this cutting edge technology to save very large amounts of time and money by improving their current operations.”      
        --Marcus Stackpoole, President & Founder



S.A.M. is one of the only companies offering turnkey services to fulfill all of your metalworking needs!  We offer services such as 3D computer design, metal forming, 3D printing, final machining, and heat treating of the finished product. S.A.M.   guarantees quick turn around for all orders ranging from one-off prototypes to full-scale production.  SAM is extremely flexible and willing to help first time users of 3D printing to correctly identify attractive business cases within their own operations as well as provide consulting services to aid in the re-design of conventional parts to make them lighter, stronger, and more cost effective when built through additive manufacturing.


Synergy Additive Manufacturing, LLC  (S.A.M.) is a new venture founded by Marcus Stackpoole and his associates.  Marcus is a classic example of the “American Dream”.  Prior to S.A.M., Marcus and his associates founded Synergy Prototype Stamping, LLC, a prototype stamping shop, in 2011 and grew it from the ground up to a multi million dollar company with no outside financial backing.  Their business acumen and passion for precision technologies drove them to explore the emerging field of Laser Additive Manufacturing.  


22792 Macomb Industrial Drive
Clinton Township, MI, 48036
United States of America